Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Invitation Only. Naughty or nice?

What you see, if you try to log-in

Try to log-in into VonRosen's new website and you might get one of these:

"Access is only granted to invited guests. In selected cases we invite on demand."

According to, this new site by David von Rosen is invitation only and exclusive to hand picked VIPs. And while we all like to feel special, and there are a lot of businesses who would love to chose their customers, we've seen the controversy surrounding the brands that try to alienate the people who support them (Cristal anyone?). I think that with this, VonRosen will attract only the people who buy into this kind of marketing, so really it's a win win situation: The company gets to boast about it's exclusivity, and the people who care, get to feel special.

So if you want to chase after and invite, good luck, in the mean time Toucan Boutique is here and open for you.

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