Sunday, January 10, 2010

Third night of Fashion Rio

Imagem of Mara Mac's show today
So it's our second night at Fashion Rio and it's been a little hard to think about winter collections when it's a beautiful sunny 97 degree day outside. We are glad though that the set-up of the shows and showrooms is a little different this year, with both being at the same venue is a lot easier and quicker to take it all in.
On our first night we got to see a condensed version of all the vendors in a 35 minute long runway show where they each showed one piece. And we are happy to report that next winter will be full of prints and bright accents and we love Brazil for not letting us drown in a see of black when the weather is grim enough.
Tomorrow will be the real test when we get a chance to look at each collection, but we have a feeling we'll find many new exciting things.

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