Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looking at 080 in Barcelona

El Delgado Buil designers: Anna and Macarena
Gracia Arts Project
Friendship bracelets at a Peruvian shop in Barcelona
One of the great finds from 080 Barcelona Fashion

We just got back from Barcelona Fashion Week and we're excited to share all the great finds and beautiful clothes.
Though the event was great we always love exploring the streets and seeing what we can find... and this time we found a goldmine! Not only were we there just in time for all the reducciones (SALES), we found El Delgado Buil, an awesome little shop/atelier for beautiful designers Macarena and Anna. Though they seen to be already creating quite a buzz in Europe, we were pleased to be one of the first ones in America to discover them (come in to Toucan Boutique today to see some of their things we brought back). The designers maybe lovely and quiet, but the clothes speak loudly of their love for all things modern but pretty, with interesting prints and delicate fabrics.

While there, we also had a chance to fit in an art opening at Gracia Arts Project, a great gallery with an awesome concept and a diversified collection of artists.

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