Monday, September 28, 2009

Surfwear for the Fashionista

Go to 1:45 for the really juicy bits.

As always, I was super excited for the Redley summer 2010 show, first because it's a chance to see some menswear which I rarely do and secondly because they always plan something beautiful and organic with their shows. This season was no different since we got to see a whole bunch of deconstruction, organic fabrics and nature inspired colors and prints.
I've always really admired Redley for elevating the idea of surfwear to something stylish, cool and even elegant. I also love the idea that the looks can transition from the office to a night out or the day-to-day.
This is what we should all be wearing to a day at the beach!
And as with most things I love and obesses about, you can find the women's Redley collection at Toucan Boutique.

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