Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Neon Pink

Image: Newscom
There were a lot of neon shades going down the runway for Fall, but one of our favorites was the neon pink. Though we love a full on neon look like this one from Michael Kors, I think that a dash of neon pink goes a long way in real life. So if you're not ready to leave the house in a bright pink fur hat, try one of these looks:Bamboo Print Dress by Cantao
Pair this beautiful print dress with dark leggings, your favorite pair of booties, and a simple jacket and you've got a chic fall neon look.
This reversible scarf is a perfect way to add neon hints to a look without having to add something to your wardrobe that you might not use again next year. Because the print is so beautiful, the fabric so soft and you can pair it with any of the dozen colors on the scarf, you'll wear this season after season.
What I really love about this pink accented sweater is that you can you wear it with so many other great trends. Pair it with cool tight leather pants, great sunglasses and boots for a cool rock feel or with boyfriend jeans and fringed flat boots for a more laid back look.

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