Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Cantão World for Summer

I know it's a bit difficult to think of next summer when we're just about to enter fall and winter, but for those of us who are used to the idea that the Southern Hemisphere gets to surf on Christmas day, or are lucky enough to "winter" in South America, here is some of what we'll all be wearing when the sun comes out again.
When I saw Cantão's summer 2009/2010 at this year's Fashion Rio I was instantly taken to the Little Big Island that was the show's theme and as they put it:

The women of Cantão value creativity and the ability to manually create what she wears. The loose silhouette attains mooring techniques, intertwining that allows adjustments to the body, overlapping layers and sophisticated patchworks of different materials such as linen, silk voile and lace. Cuts in different directions of the threading, appliqués, macramé and tresse - also used in sandals, are other features composing the crafty characteristics of the collection, as are the floral prints that seem to have been hand drawn by women.

And Because I like to share the things I love, you can now find Cantão's winter collection on my online store, Toucan Boutique and come back soon to see their summer collection.

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